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anyone have a nintendo DS?

im in the market for a PDA but not really.. i need something that i ccould write appointments down in, and not much else, at least for now, as im starting the interview, job hunt part of this endevor im on.

i went down to office(something) earlier today and they had a whole bank of PDA's which was pretty much a bank of empty cradles, it looked like a going out of business sale. anyway the selection was sad. so im bored now and i dont feel like going home in the rain so i wander over to fred meyer (its like wal-mart) and they have nintendo DS systems.. so it dawns on me that i read somewhere before the DS was released that nintendo had licenced the palmOS for the thing.

so, if anyone can tell me if this is sorta possible with the DS, it would save me a lot of money potentially.