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Any YouTube Experts for Research Help?

I need some technical knowledge from anyone familiar with posting videos to the web.  For the purpose of my story, the ultimate website to host the video isn’t important.  It could be YouTube, a blog, or any other medium.

Is it possible to post a video without being present for the conclusion of the recording?  For example, can my character start a video camera or web cam and set some type of timer or macro so at a certain point in the future the recording will stop and the clip will automatically be uploaded?  The clip duration will only need to be about a minute long. I just need him to be able to press record and then leave, knowing the video will be published.

Then the next question has to do with hiding identity.  I know a video deemed ‘inappropriate’ can be pulled down off some sites, but my concern is finding out who created the file.  If a video is posted to YouTube or a blog, can authorities easily discover the actual location of the person responsible?  Would it be through the ISP, and if so can that be masked?

The answers to the above won’t exactly crush the story either way.  I just need to get the information right before I get too far into the scene so my character, already knowledgeable in this area, can act accordingly.  

I appreciate your help.  Thanks!