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Any UFC/Pride Fans?


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This is the only sport I will watch, I follow the sport like politics. It still gets shit from some states, mostly mis-informed states men and the like. Plus you have the uneducated meathead types that watch just to see guys get the shit beat out of them and end up booing when they dont understand what is going on, mainly when things goto the ground.

Anyway you can catch a lot of replays of shows on a few channels, SpikeTv, FSN and MyTv. The IFL being one of the few thats non pay-per-view, on MyTv.

There are reruns of Pride events on FSN on monday nights and Spike Tv has the UFC's reality show, TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) and Ultimate Fight Night Live or UFC Unleashed.

Things should start getting a lot more intresting now that the owners of the UFC bought Pride and will run them seperate. Have any questions about things, I believe I would be the one to ask.

I know there is another guy on here that watches MMA, but is there anyone else?