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Another new guy...

Hello people, I am new here. The description of this forum suggests that I introduce myself and talk about how I became a fan of Chuck's work. So, here goes nothing.

Before 1999, I had only read about a dozen books recreationally. Ever. I hated reading. It was something they made us do in English class. I would only pick up a book when I was going somewhere on vacation, and usually it would be a book that was made into a summer blockbuster, so that I could be one of those assholes who walks out of the theater and says, "what a piece of shit, the book was so much better."

Then 1999 came along and a movie called "Fight Club" came along and totally kicked my ass. I didn't even know it was a book, so I hadn't read it beforehand. I had never seen a movie that shook me so hard, and hit so many powerful notes. I raced to buy the book, to get a look at what could inspire such a masterful piece of film. It was the best movie that year, and 1999 was a damn good year to go to the movies. "American Beauty". "The Sixth Sense". "Being John Malkovich". "Toy Story 2". "The Matrix". Such a good year.

Being a sheltered middle class white boy from some nameless suburb in Pennsylvania, you could call me a bandwagon fan of Chuck. So be it. I still hate reading. But I can't help buying Chuck's books. My favorite is "Survivor".

Now that "Diary" is out in paperback (I only buy paperback books), I went looking around for more info on Chuck. And so, I'm here. Cool site. I was a little pissed to realize that I missed both signings in New York, but I suppose that's the price of being a casual fan.

To any of you stuck in a cubicle like me, some of these "safety" signs make great cubicle decorations. Enjoy:


Cheers to you all,