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Annoying Actors Ruining Movies

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Maybe its just me, but if I know a certain actor that I don't like is in a movie, I won't see the movie. I know sounds stupid, but otherwise I'll just sit there thinking about how obnoixious this person is and be totally unable to enjoy the film.

Some of my personal examples...

-Nicholas Cage. He plays TWINS in 'Adaptation'. Damnit. It looks good otherwise!

-Baldwins. They suck. I can sort of stand Alex, but only in small doses. I don't even know how many Baldwins there are. How is it possible that they all think they're actors?!

-Jack Black. Why do people like this guy? Seriously.

-Sandra Bullock. I won't really avoid a movie with her in it, but none of them have been good lately, that's for sure.

-Julia Stiles. Othello was rad, but what was with Save the Last Dance?! She has only one acting style and I hate it.

-Owen Wilson. I wish Ben Stiller would rid himself of this human parasite!

-ANY person who was a music star first. Just because you sing does NOT mean you can act!

Anyone else out there have this issue with obnoixious actors?