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Amsterdam greetings

Probably, hopefully, not the first one, but a Dutch member has registered to the forum! (Applause and general cheering…no?...oh.)

Haven’t had time to do all that avatar shit yet. I’m sure I’ll get around to that sometime this century. There is just too much to read up on right now.

Oh and don’t worry. I won’t be one of those one post wonders. I have yet to find a kindred spirit out here in Amsterdam. None of my friends have ever read anything by Chuck, despite me throwing his books in their faces (no really!). And I’m getting tired of having the same conversations. Every time explaining what is so good about his work. So basically (enter string quartet) I’m glad I found you (die away strings already).

Well, enough sucking up for one post. As one of you political leaders once said (or keeps saying): I’ll be back!

(Apologies about my grammar and spelling. As you should have gotten by now, I’m not exactly native.)