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American Idol/Love/Hate

Come on guys, I know I'm not the only person here watching this (especially since I tested the waters on the subject in the chatroom before starting this thread). What to say about it though?


Contestants who stand out for me are...


That weird "rockin' nurse" with the terrible skunk hair. She reminds me a Cher impersonator touring the bars in Tenerife, just awful with the growling and the demented vibrating.


Lots of people are digging the Irish chick. I wasn't bothered about her until this week when she sang Crazy on You. I love that song.


These two are interchangeable. One of them murdered Killer Queen the other night, "She keeps a Mo-ette et Chadron [sic], in her pretty cabinet..." 


This guy has the distinction of managing to look like a clown without wearing any make-up:


Oh and of course...

What a dreamboat.


What are you guys thinking? Do you love it? Hate it? Both? Does it go against your libertarian ideology? Do you hate Seabiscuit the charisma-free host?


"A'ight, a'ight, so check it out dog, check it out..."