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Ambien Hallucinations

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Here is a random nugget of Dave for you.  

Being a lifelong insomniac, I generally stay awake for 3 or 4 days without any sleep, and then I’ll crash for 20+ hours.  When I wake up, the pattern just repeats.  I’ve been up for a long stretch now and earlier today I could sense that it was time for my body to shut down. So I took 2 kick ass Ambien sleeping pills at in an attempt to finally get some rest.

But I realized I hadn’t posted my bio for the Clevenger Intensive yet, and I found several other things that I wanted to get done. So I pounded coffee and fired up some extra loud Nine Inch Nails and Tool to battle the coma-inducing Ambien.  The experiment has produced some unexpected results.  I’m a little dizzy, my thoughts are a bit clouded, and I’m actually starting to hallucinate.  

As I type this, there are hundreds of knee-high faceless beings scampering about my apartment.  They seem to have some important task, some job they need to accomplish, but I can’t tell exactly what it is.  They are completely transparent, as if made up of very fine hairs or fibers.  If cobwebs could form a 3-dimentional shape and scamper about, it would be these bastards. They seem relatively friendly, although a few are demanding that I follow them into my hallway coat closet, and that’s making me a bit nervous.

I decided I wanted proof, documentation of my new roommates.  I got out the camera, and a few of them even posed with me. Imagine my huge disappointment when I saw the picture, and the cobweb guys aren’t there.  

But now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense why they wouldn’t show up in the picture… because they’re transparent.  Not because they’re imaginary.

Here is the real time picture of guy who’s been awake for too long, trying to capture his invisible friends in a photo.


Yes, I’m borderline insane right now.  

And drug stories are never quite as interesting to anyone else.