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The Alternative List

So we've had two threads about Time's top one hundred list, what about ours. What do you consider seminal reading in alternative/subversive literature? If we were to become mentors to a group of little Cultettes what books would we force them to read? Granted most of these are going to come off the Palahniukesque writers section but we should chose one book by each person and besides, that section hasn't been updated in ages. My first choices would be-

Chuck Palahniuk - Survivor
Bret Easton Ellis - Less Than Zero
Douglas Coupland - Generation X
Denis Johnson - Jesus' Son
Amy Hempel - Reasons To Live
Albert Camus - The Outsider
Jay McInerney - Bright Lights, Big City
Craig Clevenger - Contortionists Handbook

What would you add?