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allow me to introduce myself

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I'm Azure, a faux writer.  I say faux writer because the only things I've ever had published were a few poems in high school and my reporting when I worked for a small local newspaper and a rock zine.

I signed up on this site because I'm tired of stupidity and it seems like the online world is the only frontier left, and truthfully with all of its evils it can be a helluva medium sometimes.  I thought that since Palahniuk is such an interesting writer himself that much of his fan community has to be just as intelligent and interesting.  So here I am, looking around this particular frontier because I'm sick of blind dates with idiot.  I'm sick of fast food and neon lights and loud clubs.  I'm sick of the regurgitation that this country is calling an education.  I just want to hide out for a while and maybe do a little writing and network with other writers and maybe find some other folks who are sick too.


It doesn't really matter what kind of sick.  I'm up for anything. 

So where are the modern literati?  And if you say Starbucks, fuck you 'cause I'm not going there.

So hello everyone, i'm here, a boring mother of one who works by day as a corrections officer and dreams of using her one God/Allah/big bang given talent to do something with herself but can't seem to finish an entire novel.  That's me.


Hello people, how are you all?

-A.E. Gold