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I remember seeing commercials for this even way back before cable became a thing. Back when we had ONtv and we had to turn to channel 64 and then flip the ONtv switch at 8 oclock to get the channel to come in.

Anyways, it scared me. It looked like some kind of horror movie with a bunch of singing and dancing in it. So I stayed away from it for these 30+ years, Until Sunday, when they had it on some weird channel, looked like it was edited to death so I said the heck with this and downloaded it.

It's been haunting me now for the past few days. So I wanted to post this and see who all besides Tuffy knows about it or seen it.
Here;s the big final number. It pretty much spoils the whole movie, but I'm not sure if the story is the important part if it, rather it's importance is in how it's told. Which itself, may be a good point on how to live a life.
So go ahead, watch if you want.

Reading around the internet, a lot of grief it gets is everyone saying it's self-indulgent. But, I don't know. Seems like if someone is going to make a movie about your life, you should have the chance to make that movie yourself. So maybe they're all upset of the money they can't make now after he died.

It's weird because it's basically the same movie as The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, if no one's ever seen that here's the trailer:

It doesn't have as much glamour and music, but they both spend about half the time stepping in and out of the movie in dreams and hallucinations. that new Walter Mitty movie looks like it's going to do something like that also.

Plus, I've always kind of linked Bob Fosse with all the other early '80's celebrity deaths, like John Belushi or maybe Andy Kauffman.

So any thoughts or ideas on this stuff are appreciated.

Also, are my posts getting too long and wordy? It feels like I'm rambling a lot more than is needed. Should I post more pictures of cats in funny costumes?