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All About Cannibalism

For my research paper I am writing about cannibalism. What I need from you is basically your opinions on the subject. Or answers from already formed questions of mine. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. And I will quote and cite you if I put you in my paper.

1.Would you eat a human if it was legally offered to you(cooked and seasoned to your liking)?

2.Do you think that ritualistic cannibalism existed in some cultures, hundreds of years ago or even today?

3.Could you eat someone if your life depended on it?

4.Do you think it is legal if someone willing sacrificed themselves for another to eat them?

5.Why is cannibalism wrong? If the person is already dead, of natural causes, isn't it just a waste to burn or bury potential food that in our day and age with millions of starving individuals and high food prices?

6.How is taking communion not considered cannibalism?

7.Is there a difference between eating a human or eating any other mammal?

8.What do you think of when you first hear the word cannibal?

Please tell me what you think, it would help me out a lot.