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Alchemy ( or MC2 = E)

everyone knows about Einstein's deal with matter and energy being the same thing and that's how they make the A Bombs work by converting matter into energy and all, right? right.

well, couldn't they hypothetically condense energy back into matter somehow? And by that equation wouldn't it even take very little energy to produce a great amount of matter, such as...Gold? i don't know how they'd be able to condense it into whatever specific matter they wanted to, but that's besides the point.

More importantly, does anyone know anywhere this idea might have already been done and written about before so I don't waste my time writing something about it, if it's already been explored. I know the whole big bang theory rides on this idea too, but i mean like anywhere in fiction where it might have shown up.

I think if I can get a hold of a bag of some really, really good weed I could figure this all out in a weekend or two.