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23. Just turned. From New Jersey originally. Work at a Border's Bookstore.

After I graduated college, I spent my last few days in NYC before I moved down south. I was with a friend from school and he was telling me to read some of Chuck's novels. So, I gave in, and purchased Invisible Monsters. Soon thereafter, I fell in love. I'm currently suing the state so that I can legally marry the book itself. Every page had something profound and it was useless trying to stop reading to write down page numbers. I couldn't put it down.

After I moved down to Atlanta I went on a shopping spree and purchased a bunch more. I'm currently reading Haunted. I just realized the cover glows in the dark. "Civil Twilight", "Dog Years" and "Slumming" are my top favorite stories. I plan on reading Lullaby next.

I wanted to try my hand at turning a concept I have about a gay serial killer into a full length novel. It would appear the universe has aligned itself to prevent me from doing so. Or perhaps I'm just making excuses.

Greetings. Szervusz.