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Advance Reading Copies for your reading pleasure


Hey Culties,

I've got 10 ARCs (Advance Reading Copies) of my forthcoming novel, 6Sick Hipsters ([URL=][/URL]), for your reading pleasure. If you'd like to check out a copy, please send me your name and address. You can private message me here or email me via my website.

[B]Two catches[/B]: 1. First come, first served. 2. You need to tell me what you think of the book. And I don't mean "It sucked" or "It ruled." I want some detailed feedback. Did it change your life? Did you use it as kindling? Would you recommend it? If you love it, will you be my humble and obedient book promoting servant?

For those who'd like to read it but don't get an ARC, no worries. The book will be on shelves at a store near you in April.