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k forgive me if this thread is already created, but i dont see flicks int he theatres so thats why its up now and not a while ago


this flick was awesome man. i odnt know where to start. i love the idea of how throughout the whole movie Charlie is told that ou cant make a movie about flowers, you cant have voice-overs, and you cant have a movie about protagonists with no real agenda. but yet this whole movie breaks those rules, i love it. this movie is a requirement for any type of writer, escpicially screen writers. theres been so many times when i try to right down these ideas and i feel exactly the way Charlie did. sitting there "i should take a break, go get a coffee. get a coffee after you written soemthign as a reward. i need a break", thats when the flick really drew me in cause thats exactly how i am lol
what did everyone else think of this film? does anyone know if Charlie Kauffman and Donald Kauffman are real? i heard they were fictional but theyre talked about as if they're real.