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and no, i dont mean the show, which was great by the way. but this is what i propose in this thread. if you met other Cult people IRL, what do you reckon you would actually do with them?
something fun?
something to perpetuate the misery we 'all' live in?

so, base the Q. as if, when you meet up with them for the first time.

my list.

if i meet (insert name here) for the first time, i would like to do (activity):

cooking. hijack a 3 star restaurants kitchen, and cut loose

watch a game of football (merican) nad get totally slathered at an irish pub in Boston

[b]jane s.[/b]-
have dinner with her and the family

race trolleys and get some burgers

get high- so very high, and go nite-clubbing

to go and find all of those luscious 80s girls from Degrassi High

not sure, im thinking maybe go for coffee/breakfast. and try to upset some waitresses

go for a drive out to Death Valley

kidnap him

also not sure, but perhaps getting wrecked and going dancing


make nuisances of ourselves at a burger franchise

go to a Sheffield Wednesday game

try to unsettle as many people as we can, at an airport

make socks.

so, would you mentioned there, consider this too outlandish? it could be alot of fun. in theory. of course, those of you not on this side of the pacific ocean- could find it easier for any of your meeting wishes to happen.

so, do mind me re: this, i was just thinking out aloud- kind of. in ASCII. oh yes.