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About 'Desperate' and 'screaming' Chuck fans (and how stupid they are)

Fan mail, videotaping Chuck's spots on television shows,
worshiping the man is ridiculous.

He doesn't ask for paparatzi or to change the idols of screaming N'sync fans over to himself... He's a WRITER, now give him that dignity and space.

I thought that people having read the books would be able to see this...but there are very very desperate, ridiculous people on this forum, chanting his name and most likely just pissing him off.

Some folks seem to think he's some sort of Tyler Durden...

When Tyler Durden being the manifestation of psychitsophrenia was NOT just a funky gimic. It's the truth.
There's a quote that goes, "Only you can save yourself, no one else can even begin to."
And that is what I regard as the true theme to Fight Club, and what Chuck wants to say to the world...

So take that message and leave the guy alone. :')

*Clink clink*