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Abortion hysteria book loaning


My name's Da'vid White. I've come here because I figured I should get to talking with people that are actively into writing and exploring their art. I spend most of my time in my own vaccum and it's bad for my health.

I lose weight in front of my keyboard, in my recording studio, running around doing street performance. I've almost lost fingers doing visual art and that counts as losing weight too.

Vaccums just aren't good.

I got into Chuck Palahniuk through invisible monsters. I suppose my first taste of his work was the Fight Club film, but I didn't "get" him until later. Someone that was fleeing a forced abortion loaned me Invisible Monsters and I put off reading it until I knew she would never, ever get it back. Then I fell in love.

I've read everything I can get my hands on, and my favorite book by him would have to be Diary. I think that one stirred me the most.

Hope to enjoy my time here and contribute as much value as I can.