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abortion and babies and "steakshake"


since my government is currently discussing legislation to allow the abortion pill i was wondering what the general consensus was in regards to whether people agree with the pill.
personally i think if it can curb the generally large proportion of ingrates popped out each year then fine, but if its main use is to help promiscuity get a foot up (id put money on this) then sod it off
so ........

[B]a) do you agree with the use of the abortion pill [/B]

and secondly it got me thinking on the topic of offspring and what the motivation is for reproducing. i can only come up with the answer that it is purely selfish and a vane attempt to propagate ones own image.i would really like to hear what people think would be or has been the motivation for bringing new life into this world.
b)what are peoples motivations for bringing new life into this world[/B]

[U]and finally the trick question (feel free to ignore this)[/U]
c) do you think steak pureed up into a liquid would be commercially viable.
i call it "STEAKSHAKE" (it would put red bull to shame) comments welcome[/B]

just imagine a full side of beef pureed down into 375ml of beefy goodness, mmmmm.