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9/11 Fiction

I have to do a presentation on post 9/11 fiction for this class I'm taking. We were given a list of novels to choose from, but were told that if we found something else we wanted to use we could submit it to the professor for approval. Does anyone here have any suggestions? Some of the books on the list are alright, but I have a feeling there's something out there a little more up my alley (I'm a fan of Palahniuk's work, obviously, and alot of the suggested readings posted on this site). Anyway, if there's a post 9/11 fiction book flying under the radar please post it here, you would be helping me out a lot.

Definition of 9/11 fiction- fiction directly responding to the events of september 11th, or the changes that the event brought about. Meaning, the book can be a story directly related to the falling of the twin towers, or the state of mind that this event brought about, such as the war or 'code red' and so on and so on. Some of the books we've read thus far have the event looming in the background, but it isn't neccesarily the driving force of the novel. But it has to be somewhere in the book, to say the least. In other words, it can't just be a book that takes place after 9/11 if it isn't even an issue at all.

Weird Science fiction, funny books, are dark satires are definetly what I'd like.

-Bill J.