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9/11 Cover Up

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Well, if you didn't think I was a conspiracy nut, before, you probably will now. Most people seem to fair okay with most 'conspiracy theories', but get all bitchy when you suggest 9/11 was an 'inside job'. Seriously, though, there is a shitload of evidence on it. There are fucking hundreds of sites, reports and essays written about it and there has been so much research on it.

[url=]This[/url] is a good article on it, until the end. It gets kinda stupid, then. All about NWO, saying these guys are 'satanic' and blah blah. God dammit, someone's always gotta ruin a good idea with their own stupid fuckin agenda.

Anyhow, before I get called a crackpot, I'd just like to say that I don't think I 'know' who was responsible for it, I just feel the 'official' story is bullshit and that if nothing else, the Bush Administration knew about it, at worst, they orchestrated it. Maybe Israel was involved, maybe not. There definitely seems to be lots of evidene supporting that, but who knows...

Let's see, there is a theory out there that says the plane that hit the Pentagon was really a missile. How fucking stupid. Where are all the passengers then? Why bother kidnapping the passengers and getting rid of them somewhere else, when you could just fucking kill them in the plane crash? That's an absurd theory, and really is a conspiracy theory, that I do not subscribe to, at all.

Hrm, trying to think of some other really stupid ass theories on 9/11 that only serve to discredit the good ones... Coming up blank, though.

But yeah.. Just some food for thought.