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40 days.

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I was reading the "who would you like to meat" thread and i thought who i would like to meat (duh) and like a thousand girls popped in my head. I mean literally, millions. And im not talking about actresses, im talking about girls i see everyday. Even once i havent seen in ages.

That reminded me of that stupid comedy in san francisco with josh hartnett when he refused pussy and masturbation for 40 days (and for some reason all his female coworkers went to the office dressed like they wanted sex more than air).

Im doing it. Not because what i said at first, nor to fix any mind problems i have, or anything. Just to see if i got the willpower. Im pretty sure nothing will really happen for the first 20 days, but im kindda hoping i DO go nuts after that.

Anyways, if it starts getting creepy at any day within the 40 days, ill post about it right here.