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29 Palms (and Hummers)

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Both kinds. The kind they drive around and the kind the guy gets from the girl every 30 minutes or so.

Apart from the Hummer(s), I'd like to hear what you thought of this movie... those of you who've seen it. It's a Bruno Dumont flick, done in that typical brand of French hyperrealism, and it's far and away the most disturbing movie I've ever seen in my life. Nothing else comes close.

Even though I hated it, I'm forced to recognize how amazingly good it is, in that it produced an emotional reaction out of me that I've never experienced watching a film.

Note: I had no idea what I was getting into at the time. I hadn't heard anything about the movie before that day -- just flipped to the IFC channel and it was on: these two people riding around in a Hummer, talking on occasion, stopping to have angry gorilla sex when the mood struck. It intrigued me, and it was so relatively uneventful (and documentary-like) that I found myself waiting in anticipation for the other shoe to drop.

Then the other shoe dropped. And it was a big fucking shoe.

I honestly wish I could go back to that day and stop myself from watching those final scenes -- flip back to Seinfeld or ESPN or QVC -- [I]anything[/I] else. Can't, though. Those images are still there... lingering.

Okay, rambled enough now.

Anyone else have as strong a reaction from watching it as I did?