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107,000 people want this image of Muhammed fighting zombies off wikipedia.



15th century depiction of Muhammed fighting zombies in Mecca.  The green guys are zombies, the other guys are fleeing from the zombies, and the guy at the top of the stairs in Muhammed, throwing some kind of fancy Arabian molotov cocktail at the zombies.  Some scholars believe Muhammed wrote large portions of the Qu'ran after barricading himself inside an indoor bazaar during the Great Zombie Apocalypse of 610. According to Muhammed's own journal, he lived off dried figs and honey and was finally evicted when he was tricked into letting a marauding gang of horse-riding barbarians into the building.


Many other scholars reject this.


Nowadays depictions of Muhammed are taboo. 107,000 people have signed this online petition to get this image of Muhammed fighting zombies off Wikipedia: