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1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die


I'm sure we've discussed this book or at least the list sometime in the past, but this thread is of a different nature. In January 2009 I decided that, yes, I must read all of these books before I die. If I were to read 50 of them a year it would take 20 years, so its a hell of a project. All through last year I chose to read a few of these books and then an unlisted one of my choosing in between. So far it is a project I have enjoyed and continued to poor my heart into. It is forcing me to read many of the classics, including plenty I was supposed to read in school and never did. I have been surprised again and again how much I have enjoyed some of the books that I never thought I would. So far there have been very few I have disliked and many that I have absolutely loved.

So far I have read 87 of the books listed. Of course I didn't read all of those last year, some of them I had read previously. I have a package of 27 more on the way, as the only one I own and have yet to read is Ivanhoe. I order most of them from for about $.75 each plus shipping, so about $1.65. It is an amazing resource. I just find a seller with a ton of books and go through and pick out a bunch of the ones on my list.

I don't know if there is anyone else who has decided to take this project on, but if there is I would love to hear about it!