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Adaptating Chuck's work : "The Nightmare Box"


I'm a young french director willing to adapt Chuck Palahniuk's "The Nightmare box".
I wrote a screenplay where the action now takes place in Paris, with an extra character.

But before going into pre-production, I need to clear things with the rights, since I don't want to get any trouble.

I'm having issues to get an answer from Chuck's agent so I was wondering if anybody knows people who made a short movie out of a story of Chuck Palahniuk here ? I've found on youtube an adaptation of "Lullaby" but I couldn't contact the director to know how things went.

Since I will produce the movie myself, maybe with the help of crowfunding, I hope I could get the rights for a symbolic price, since I would like to put all the money into the gear and food for the crew.

Thanks in advance for you help and advices.