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Spirit Animal

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I don't really believe in spirit animals much or maybe I just never really learned enough about them, but basically for the past few years now I've been having strange bird dreams. I've been surrounded by different birds and specifically I keep seeing this red tail hawk that decides to sit on a tree or lamp post near by where I'm at. The other day a baby one was in a tree that was less than 10 feet away from me. I even saw it take a shit from the fence the other day.

Anyway, I've kind of been obsessing over it because while I may not understand what spirit animals are I have always been one to observe patterns or look out for "signs" that manifest themselves in physical forms. I took a few pictures but you can barely see the hawk and I decided to read up on what the hawk stood for as a spirit animal.

When you have the hawk as a spirit animal, you may have an inclination towards using the power of vision and intuition in your daily life. The hawk totem provides wisdom about seeing situations from a higher perspective, using the power of observation, and focusing on the task at hand. It’s a good companion to develop spiritual awareness.

More on my spirit animal

I know this all sounds a bit crazy but I also find it interesting how animals are most often associated with the spiritual world. I always see friends posting about how they saw a butterfly and believe that it's someone they loss revisiting them. Do you have a spirit animal? If you could choose a spirit animal what would it be and why?

(As I was writing this I looked out my window to see a red tailed hawk soaring)