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Two Thousand Fourteen

There's now "And" between them, okay? No one use an "and" when your saying the year.

Anyways, How is the new year finding you so far?
There's still 10 hours to go where I am and I feel like I'm stalking the new year, ready to pounce on it with a spear, right at midnight!

For anyone that's imbibing tonight; remember this:
"Abominable are the tumblers into which he pours his poison. Through true cylinders without - within, the villainous green goggling glasses deceitfully tapered downwards to a cheating bottom." ~ Moby-Dick

Also, the Rose Bowl is the great-grandaddy of sporting events. That is the game that should be for the national championship. New Year's Day is the perfect traditional time to have the game too. Not this goofy stuff with some made-up game a week later.