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Dead Pets


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Has anyone ever heard of the phrase: "You'll never have to bury a good dog"?

My dad used to tell us this a bunch when we were kids and I just figured it was some goofy country saying.

We used to have some poodles when I was a kid. Patches was the mother and we'd sell off the pups as she had them. We kept one runt of the litter though and named it Little Bit. Duffy was the father of them all and my mom and dad's clear favorite. As it got older and older, it had a bunch of health problems and they'd take him to the vet and pay to do whatever they could. It had gotten cancer or something at some point and they had to cut off part of it's ding dong. It was 14 years old and probably the mangiest thing I'd ever seen.

Overnight, we'd keep them all in our laundry/utility room. Well, one day, my brother had opened the door and Duffy went bolting past and straight out the back door. Which was weird enough because we never left the back door open. It just happened to be open at this exact moment, but there's no way this deaf and dumb dog could have known that. Let alone move as fast as it did to get out the door before any of us could catch him and put him back in the laundry room. So anyways, he's gotten outside.

Now we had a pretty big backyard and it was fenced in all the way around. The gate was next to the edge of the house, but there wasn't enough room for a dog his size to squeeze through anywhere.
So in the, about, 4-5 seconds it took us, me, my brother and mom and dad, all of us, to see him run out the back door, and then try to chase after him, he was totally gone!

We searched the entire backyard and went around the whole neighborhood trying to find him. Even if it was just his dead body from getting hit by a car from running off so fast and recklessly, but nothing! It's the closest I've ever come to believing in ghosts.

Anyways, ever since then, I don't believe that was just some back-water country saying.