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Hi there!

Hello everybody! I'm a long time Chuck Palahniuk fan, and actually a former cult member (when I was a teenager), who has decided to pop back in. Here's my list of facts. I'm 25, very recently separated from military service, where I worked in a tiny windowless weather forecasting think-tank bittersweetly called "The Hub". Military life proved to be too rigid for me, so I am pursuing my degree in Journalism with the educational benefits I received. I also just moved from Honolulu, Hawaii, where I lived for three years, to Austin, Texas (after a little bit of travel time). I have a gorgeous little 2.5 year old girl who keeps me creative and always on my toes. Right now I am just trying to work toward my degree, eek out a living, be a good mama, and start publishing REAL actual honest to goodness me-created writing for magazines, newspapers, journals, contests. Hoping also to make the move to Denmark in the next year or two to finish school in Aarhus. I love spending time with other writers/creative people and learning from them, one of the primary motivators for coming back to the Cult actually :). Anyway, thanks for reading through my intro, and I'm glad to be back!