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Does this make sense to anyone? (The Definition of Masculinty)


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I guess I really started thinking about this with that God-awful Dr Pepper commercial, where they try to tell you their new drink is for men and NOT for women. It's the same damn diet dr pepper in a different can you assholes!
Anyways, you see it a lot with Dove shampoo commercials and all over the place, even outside of commercials, people trying to define what being a man Is.
And it pisses me off, and now thanks to some shitty artwork, I think I've figured out why.

If you think of a white sheet of paper, and you know, with absolute certainty, that the definition of manhood is on it. Okay fine, whatever, right? It's in there somewhere, that's good enough to know.

But then if you mark off a part that you have decided is most assuredly not part of masculinity, like so:

Then decide some other piece is not masculine, and separate that:

And just keep marking off piece after piece, until you're left with only and exactly what defines manhood.

That once you've honed it down, to it's precise space, that it no longer has any value at all.

And that's why I don't like seeing those commercials or anything that tries to define being a man.

Anyways, does any of this explanation make sense to anyone, or can you shoot holes in it? I need to know now before I submit it in my attempt at a doctorate.