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Tied together

What completely different things are tied together in your mind? Like a book and a song. Or a movie and a picture. But I mean things that aren't soundtracks or discussed or shown in each other. The kind of thing that probably only makes sense to you.

I have boring vague ones that I can't really explain well. The book The Contortionist's Handbook and the band the RX Bandits. The movie Love Me If You Dare (or in its unsullied French - Jeux D'enfants) and the song Let Go by Frou Frou. Oh that last one was probably because of a bad fan made youtube video I saw ONCE and now I'm incapable of imagining one without the other because they merged so perfectly in my mind. You could say their souls were joined like those blue things in the avatar movies when they had tail sex.

This one might be an on purpose reference that I was just too stupid to get. But the only thing I remember about the Iron Man movie franchise is that Iron Man's dad seems to literally be Walt Disney. Was that obvious? No one else knows gets what I mean by that. But yeah it's literally the only thing I remember other than his son is sorta cool and likes to drink. So I can't freaking watch my Disney World documentaries anymore without thinking about summer blockbusters.

That's probably on purpose. Don't make fun of me. Instead tell me what unrelated things you can't help but associate and why.