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When I Was A Kid...

My dad used to tell me and my siblings to play outside so every so often; that when he was a kid they weren't even allowed inside until dinner. I realize now that he just wanted to get laid, or, I'm assuming as much. Either way, he was right. If we weren't forced to play outside, we'd have spent our entire childhood indoors playing Nintendo (I certainly would have). So we would go to the small creek behind our cul-de-sac and run around, throw rocks, and catch tadpoles. I think it's pretty cool that I was interested in seeing the development of tadpole to frog when I think back at it now. At the time, I'm pretty sure I just wanted a whole bunch of pets. Anyway, the tadpoles always died before they starting growing legs, because I was a little asshole and took them out of their natural environment to put them in a pickle jar filled with tap water. I was sort of a tadpole myself, running around without a care in the world and mostly oblivious to everything unless it was directly affecting me. I enjoyed the creek and committed accidental tadpole murder on several occasions.
Now, my perspective has widened, and my creek is now South America, or Europe, or Asia, and I no longer care to capture the local wildlife. And while there is still plenty to be discovered within close proximity, it's not satisfying like it used to be. That's what I miss about being a kid. The simplicity. It was always fun to go to the creek, and throw rocks, and catch tadpoles even if the outcome was always the same. Although, it's probably not even true, (I'm quoting a meme for Christ's sake) some say that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I miss being a kid and being insane. At least I still have a creek, it's just harder to get to now.
Anyone else have any interesting childhood stories/memories?

Edit: Here's the face of a natural born (tadpole) killer:

Don't let the innocent look and ball fool you.