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Sleep No More

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Has anyone else caught this production in London, Boston, or NY?

I'll be going for my third time soon. It's a reproduction of MacBeth in the style of a Hitchcock haunted house.

It's part of an immersive theater movement. Which is to say, you're in the "play" the entire time, interacting with it. It doesn't take place on a stage, but instead in an abandoned warehouse that has been fully transformed into a haunted hotel named The McKittrick.

Your lobby is actually an old jazz lounge named the Manderly, where they usher you in, feed you absinthe and champagne and give you a playing card (this is your ticket.) There's red curtains and live jazz and a creepy MC who then escorts you into a dark elevator and gives you a white mask that you have to wear at all times. He informs you there is absolutely no talking inside the McKittrick hotel from this point on.

From there out, there are five (and a fabled sixth) floors. You are pushed from the elevator one by one at different floors and left to explore on your own.

The hotel is fully interactive. Which is to say if you feel like opening a drawer, unwrapping a package, looking in cupboards and closets, you are free to do so.

While you are exploring, character actors are performing the play- constantly, in the entire hotel, simultaneously. It's up to you if you decide to follow the characters, explore the hotel, or try to catch as many different actors as you can.

While the main actors perform a story loosely based on MacBeth, there are also other storys and characters- a taxidermist, a tailor, a nurse, and a porter. Following the three witches from MacBeth reveals a story all on it's own... complete with a bloody orgy and a minotaur.

It's hard to go into it any more without major spoilers but I am obsessed. My boyfriend bought tickets on my birthday knowing it'd well be my favorite thing of all time, and we went again in October. Each experience was completely different and new for me. The more I knew about the hotel itself seemed to unlock a lot of new interactions for me- literally. While I was an observer the first time, actors seemed to tell I was paying more attention the second. They held my hand or danced with me, and the Nurse decided to lock me in an office all by myself and tell me a secret.

If you have the chance and you don't go see/experience this immediately I really really feel for you.