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Cult Celebrity Sightings?


What celebrities have you met or seen in person?
Too many to list that I've seen in person (a lot of them at San Diego Comic Con) but ones that I've actually met are much fewer.
My friend pointed out Thomas Lennon (Lt Dangle on Reno 911) while we were walking through the gaslamp district in San Diego. He was eating at an outside table at a restaurant. I said what's up to him, and like the awesome guy that he is, he said hi and didn't seem annoyed about leaving his meal for a second to do so.
The same friend pointed out Cameron Diaz in a restaurant next to the UCB theater in L.A. The guy has an uncanny ability to notice celebrities without even thinking about it.
Same gaslamp trip I strolled by Dee Snider. That guy is the most confident person I've ever observed. I didn't bother him because he was chatting with his friends/entourage.
Adam Sandler outside of the UCB. He was performing there. He dresses in real life like he does in his films. Sweats and a jersey. He was friendly as well when I said hi. He almost seemed nervous. It was kind of weird.
There are a lot more, but I'll leave it at that for the moment.