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The Long Walk

So I started walking a lot here in the last few months. Nothing major, maybe a 1/4 mile a day, up to the store to buy a pack of cigarettes. Anyways, as I was on my way home, I noticed my shadow was like 9 feet tall and straight out in front of me. I thought "It's not high noon, why the hell is my shadow pointing straight up?" but then I remembered about angles and stuff.

Anyways, I was also thinking, why the heck hasn't there been a movie version of The Long Walk yet? It's got to be cheap enough to make. All you need is a bunch of dumb kid actors, just try and find about 2 or 3 than can really act. If you found the right place, you could film the whole thing within a 5 mile square of Earth. Maybe the biggest expense would be ponying up for some military uniforms. Do that and slap King's name on it and you made your money, if you're lucky it becomes a cult classic and you make money forever! Is that just the one property King hasn't let go of yet or something?

So there you go. Feel free to talk about your favorite walks or about the story The Long Walk.