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John Wayne

After talking about the True Grit remake for 2 posts, I realized, I didn't watch the original till like a month before the remake came out.
I've never really watched any of his movies. I do remember watching The Sons of Katie Elder with my dad when I was a littler kid, but I don't remember much about it except it had Dean Martin and most of them died.
My dad was a huge Wayne fan, so I got a ton of his movies here. I got some super deluxe box set of The Searchers, and I think I'm going to watch, but mostly because how I heard it influenced the ending of Breaking Bad.

Anyways, post your suggestions here for movies to look out for, or just general thoughts on John Wayne.

Uninteresting side-note: My first changed screen name here, I picked John Wayne's Left Testicle. But it was too long and just showed up as something like "John Wayne's Le" whenever I posted something.