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New website is go


Hey folks,

First off, sorry about the long delay. When we took the site down we had a pretty good plan to get back up quickly. Then, we had a short tech hiccup, followed by some un-anticipated personal matters that needed attending. Sadly, we were already at the point of no return so we figured it was best to just keep the site closed instead of reverting to the new site.

In any case, we've changed a lot, as I'm sure you can tell. And, before you get a chance yo put in a bunch of requests, I've got a short list of things I'm going to finish up now that we've launched. There are a few items that I know are still rough around the edges and a few items that we know we would like to add (still). I'll be finishing most of them up within the week.

If you have any questions, you can ask them here. And if you see something strange happen, please let me know:

  1. What happened
  2. The page it happened on
  3. The browser and OS you use

Things that I just realized were overlooked
- Sticky threads