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August Self-Help Class - By Castugi (pen name)


Removed links to kill the sales-styled pitch spam.

"After attempting suicide twice and legally changing his name, August now has to see a therapist to talk about his problems. But after his parents leave for a business conference for their restaurant as part of a franchise disagreement, his isolation triggers his obsessive compulsive disorder and megalomaniac tendencies. He accidentally stumbles across modern day brainwashing."

My thoughts:
So far it's a great story, I'm only two-thirds through the book but it's getting really good (I don't want to give too much away). Since everyone is so anal about association and copyright infringement, I do not claim to own this work nor associate myself with the company nor am one. I only posted it here because I didn't know anywhere else too.

I'll let you know when I've finished reading.


UPDATE: Finished the book, it was great! Really twisted ending, all the same it was sorta a genius series of tangents.