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Strange Dreams without Culties


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Since we need a new dream thread and I'm always dreaming...

Last night I had several crazy dreams. One of my dreams an "ex" came over trying to be all cordial I can't remember what set me off but I told him off. Told him to take his paintings and to get out of my house so I would have him out of my life for good.

I also had a dream about a swim meet I was in but the weirdest part of my dreams last night was ending up at a nerd convention in a giant mall. There was a huge modern looking arcade with giant white framed screens everywhere. Other areas had costumes or toys you would never see anywhere else. In on of the passageways there were 5 to 7 guys carrying a huge box with a giant gandalf action figure. Everyone was crowding and trying to get a better look. I followed the men into an amazing toy store that had giant toys. They carried the gandalf to further inspect it behind this glass wall where I stood admiring the sculpting work to achieve such a piece. (While in my dream I knew the character was Gandalf it's not the Gandalf you picture from LOTR in a robe. He had long hair, a half of a wizard's beard, a warrior headband, and he was in great shape and naked like a greek/roman statue. The coloring was a dark grey marble looking stone color.) As the men were inspecting it they looked up and saw me on the other side of the glass like " what are you doing here?" and I replied how I was admiring the work. I woke up after that.