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*Updated with link* More anthologies, featuring yours truly.

I'm really excited about this. These will be my first stories published and printed. Ones that I can look back on in ten years and reminisce about how much I sucked back then. It's an accomplishment that I'm quite proud of. (And actually maybe belongs in the Hooray thread, if it weren't for the promotional nature of it.)
The second installment of the Writers' Anarchy anthology "Writers' Anarchy II: The End of the World As We Wrote It" (An end of the world theme, out October 15th) hosts a story of mine here:
And I have two stories in a flash fiction anthology "Flash It!" (out November 1st.)
Both will be available on Amazon, I believe, and I'll include links as they become available.
But to be perfectly honest, I will simply send my stories to anyone here who's interested in reading. But I still highly recommend picking up Writers' Anarchy II, and Flash It!. Some of the stories in there rank among my favorite short stories in general. They make me look (extra) amateur. I highly recommend "Human Garden" by Gary Lines, "Skitter" by Don Miskel. Both of those guys are published authors whose books I have not read, but would bet my bottom dollar that they're awesome as well. I haven't read any of the other flash fiction submissions, but I believe that flash fiction is where people really shine, because one can focus on nearly every word, as opposed to chapters, or even scenes.
That's my shameless promotion for a while.