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Dark House Press - Richard Thomas, Editor-in-Chief

Big news! I'm running a small press now. We'll be focusing on neo-noir, speculative fiction. Social media, website, and guidelines to come.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: We're happy to announce that award winning author Richard Thomas (Transubstantiate, Staring in the Abyss, Herniated Roots) will be Editor-in-Chief of our new speculative fiction, neo-noir imprint Dark House Press. DHP's first book will be THE NEW BLACK, an anthology featuring the best of 'new noir', edited by Richard, coming out Spring 2014. DHP will then publish the first in a three part sci-fi trilogy JOSHUA CITY in October 2014. There will be a few more 2014 projects TBD. Visit the DHP page to keep up to date on its progress, submission process, and more. More soon.