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How can Men & Women call themselves ''Straight'' if they have never tried gay sex?

This is like if someone would call themselves an Marijuana expert and yet has never smoked it or read anything about it.

How can men and women these days call themselves ''straight'' if they haven't even tried gay sex at least once in their life?

It's like looking at some food you don't find attractive and you won't give it a chance based on it's looks but when you actually try the food it tastes incredible and amazing, i am not trying to glorify anything i am just pointing out the truth.

I truly believe that if a man and woman feels the need to label themselves ''straight'' they should try gay sex at least one time before making an statement, people are so obsessed with labeling themselves something these days.

It's only logical.

''I am a Doctor but i never went to medical school or read and learned about medicine but trust me i am a doctor''.

''I am a pro poker player but i have never even played poker or touched cards, i haven't even been inside an casino, i have never even gambled, but i am a pro poker player''

You see where i am going with this?