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Unpopular opinions


There's not nearly enough action going on in this place, so I kinda wanna stir the pot.

Here you'll tell us some unpopular opinions of yours, and be prepared to defend them, and don't be afraid to challenge others. Arguments, discussions, whatever. Try to keep it civil, but not as civil as things have been recently. Come with an open mind, enough to allow for the right argument to change your opinion if it comes to that.

1. Star Wars sucks. The whole thing.

2. Studying philosophy was fun and sort of useful in high school. Not anymore. I looked at this page --> and I couldn't understand how any of those were any more "unsolved" than any other question. The answers can be pretty obvious, and they're actually pretty pointless to find anyway. I remember getting into a fight with the one philosophy professor I had over the Gettier problem. Half the semester was spent on it. The answer was simply too obvious for him to accept. It's all semantics! Not over the word "knowledge" but over the word "justified," and these idiots argue through hypothetical scenarios where someone at any point in time could come in and say, "Wait a second, you can't know that. That's not a good reason to believe it," which can be said about anything regardless of whether it's true or not. "Hey that's her house, cuz that's her address from two days ago, and she never mentioned she was gonna move soon." "You can't know that, what if she moved yesterday?" The other people in the scenario only accept it as a good reason because that's what a "normal" person would do, and they say they "know" in a colloquialistic way to express certainty, not as some greater abstraction of truth. The whole thing is a joke. (this is where I expect to get the most feedback)

3. Lex Luthor is a better villain than The Joker (not the movies, of course).

4. Ryan Gosling's acting is way overrated. So are his looks.

5. Some of you already know I didn't like The Great Gatsby as a book, but liked it as a movie.

That's all I can think of for now.

This thread can either explode or quietly die. Both would say something about the State of the Cult.