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I first read Chuck's work in 2006 with 'Choke'. I had heard about Chuck already from his praise as the guy who allowed Fight Club the movie to exist by conceiving its story. At the time I didn't care much for reading. It was only something that I did when I had to, and when I didn't have any friends. (A period in highschool when I switched schools and read a handful of Stephen King novels. I chose to read his because he was the only author that I'd ever heard of.)
So I haven't read religiously since I was five like a lot of people. I've been playing catch-up since I was seventeen, and took an eight year hiatus with that. Only in recent years has reading been more valuable a source of entertainment to me than t.v., music, and masturbation. Chuck is largely the reason for that.
After reading Choke and loving (not liking; I liked Cujo, and Firestarter. I liked To Kill a Mockingbird, etc.) a book for the first time, I decided at the time that I have to read all of it. His entire repertory. Then I picked up Invisible Monsters, and set it back down fifty pages in. It didn't grip me like Choke did. So I moved on to Survivor, and Lullaby, and Rant, and Damned, and Pygmy, and Snuff, and Haunted. They all to some degree gave me what Choke had initially given me.
Having read most of his novels at this point,(Tell-All and all but fifty pages of Invisible Monsters still left to read)he'll likely reign as my favorite author for a long, long time.
Anyway, it's largely because of Chuck's unique story telling that I'm now giving other great authors my time, and enjoying writing stories in my spare time. Because I otherwise would be watching t.v., listening to music, or masturbating instead.