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The Cult of Parents


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So we have a lot of great parents here in "The Cult" and some soon to be new parents. I think this would be a good place to put all of our advice, methods, tips, tricks, and just overall baby/kid convo here. This way we have a consolidated place for all the parenting/baby talk and since I think that sometimes we(me mostly)carry this on in other forums maybe a little bit much.

Here are some things that I have learned that made life much easier and saved me some $$ with the babies.

1. Hyland's Teething Tablets. - Homeopathic way to relieve teething issues with babies. With Emma we didn't need anything, nothing seemed to bother her at all. However Zoe is another story, once we discovered these they helped quite a bit. Some reviews will say they are not save because some of the natural ingredients, however this is false as I have researched this thoroughly and they are quite safe.

2. Cloth Diapers - The new age of these are actually pretty nice. Fuzzy Buns are the best IMO and they were designed and made by a mother in the US, her designs got stolen by a factory in Chine and they made knock offs totally screwing her. These look nice, are really absorbent and easy to clean. For all the literal shit you just get these sheets you put in the diaper and they catch it all and are flush-able. We still did use disposables at night, usually Baby-R-Us brand premium diapers. This saves you a ton of $$ in the long run.

3. Playdates - find a local Meetup/Facebook group of Moms/Parents for meetups and playdates. We have met a lot of cool people this way and Emma is super social and have friends she plays with regularly with that all live close by. Once you get to know/like them they are a great resource for new ideas and assistance when needed.

I'm sure these is more but I can't really think of it all right now. Let me know what you peeps think.