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Hola Everyone.

Name's Shawn Oliver (22) from Puerto Rico.
I study accounting and already have a bachellor's degree on culinary arts, currently my goals are to start my own bussiness, and heck maybe even write a book about it someday.

My nickname's Mike Danger because I used to be a wrestler, and that was my gimmick name and it kinda sticked around even after I retired. I retired cause of back problems and wanted to focus on a serious career.

I'm a comic book reader since I was young, but i've become a little pissed at what most of them are doing lately. I still read TMNT and Walking Dead though but the rest i'm gonna give them the cold sholder for a while.

I'm also into videogames but i'm not getting into that unless i'm asked. :P

The first novel I read was I am Legend. My second and first C. Palahniuk book was Fight Club.

I guess after 6-7 novels in my interests are in action-adventure, horror genres. I tried fantasy fiction.... couldn't get into it.

So yeah, I would like to get to know you guys better and share recommendations, life experiences, stories, laughs, etc.

Hit me with your best shot. :)