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Pick Your Words Carefully

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Okay guys, I haven't done a thread and hope this one goes.
So, here's the backstory and rules. When I was traveling with Phantom, we were in Peoria, Illinois and I was rooming with my Boss. Her and I had planned on indulging in artistic ventures in the city. Since we had all day off most days, we spent lots of time drawing. Also since there was only one bar we liked in this city, we spent quite a few evenings in after the show. We would make lots of different flavored popcorn, smoke joints, drink wine and do this poetry thing we came up with.
One Monday that we had off, we drove to Chicago for a short vacation and while there, on our adventures, went to the art museum. I bought one of those word magnet kit things. On the ride home, she pulled out so many words and handed them to me and said, "GO!"
She told me she wanted me to take the words and write a poem using all the words. So our poem game was born and this is what we would do while stoned eating flavored popcorn and drinking wine. Believe it or not, we actuall had some nice little writings come out of those sessions.

Here are the first words she gave me:
Tongue, Beauty, Tasting, Relaxed, Smeared, Storm, Smeared

My Poem of No Name

I remember your BEAUTY yesterday
Asking for a drink from the storm
Some TASTING for me

So, I'm thinking to maybe grab one of your favorite books, randomly go to (least say 5 to 10) random pages, close your eyes and point to a word. Those words are for the next poster to step up to the mic and give it a whirl. If you step up to the mic, then you are responsible to give the next poster their words. And maybe, if you want to , or don't, you can give the title of the book you pick the words from?

The words I'm picking will be coming from the book "Catcher In the Rye."

Okay, somebody step on up and give it your best shot. If you guys think this is lame right off the bat, we can totally scrap this thread. Just thought it would be fun and give our brains some exercise. Aaaannnndddd, we may even create some real art in here?