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Hello. (yep, that's all I got)


Hello. Again!

I'm finally posting after signing up 'bout 2 yrs. ago. I was reminded that I signed up when I received a birfday message from the site. It gave me the warm fuzzies, and I felt compelled to follow through with a post.

I have a poor attention span, and Mister Chuck is prolly the only writer who can hold my interest. Don't have a fave book, but I'm partial to Fight Club, which was my first encounter with CP. Plus, I really admire his generosity when it comes to encouraging newbie writers. He's a righteous dude.

About me: I'm sajz, which is Polish for Lennay Kekua. I'm a girl. I like pizza, ice cream, dogs, Jimi Hendrix, cute boys who are kind, naps, sunsets, lamp, compliments, and a whole bunch of other stuffs.

I'm way to old to be saying sh#t like stuffs, prolly, fuzzies,
dude, etc. But f#ck that.

The posters on this forum are brainy and hilarious. I'm honored to be in your presence. Word.